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Welcome to the NightSky Network! We're a collection of over 5 servers into one single governed Network. We strive to be the best roleplay and gaming network possible. We offer many features and gameplay experiences for our players that just simply come unrivaled. Check out some of the branches on our navigation bar located on the top of the website!

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Invite Competition

As we proceed forward and continue to grow, we'd like to increase our active community members before we launch our servers. For that reason we're hosting a Invite Competition with the reward being Discord Nitro for the most invites. Check the Discord for more information!

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Recruiting Staff

We're actively looking for staff to participate in our community and apply. There are many benefits as well as rewards for being apart of our team. Check out our "Join Our Team" page on our website!

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Network Page Completed

We've completed our website! We've redesigned pretty much all of our pages and we're very proud of it. If you have any suggestions, email with the subject "Feedback"!

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All News / Announcements are created by the Network, and posted on a regular basis. The Network does not warrant liability for errors posted here.

Should you think something should be on here that is not, please email and a member of staff will be willing to review the idea.

See our Pictures

These are some of the features on our up and coming City Roleplay server. We're looking for some new builders. If you're interested, please apply by clicking here!

We believe in quality. All of the builds showcased on City are our builds, made by our team.