Network Rules

Our Rules We believe all players should be safe and have a fun and fair experience with the other players on our server. For that reason, we have created a set of guidelines for all players. These guidelines are enforceable to all players and staff and enforced by the staff.


Created: December 11th, 2021

Updated: December 11th, 2021

Approved By: 2018-01

Table of Contents

  1. General Respect for the Network as well as Players / Groups

  2. Appropriate Conduct of Users

  3. Network Operations

  4. Roleplay Rules


Rules are enforced by Moderators and Administrators on the Network.

There are no specific punishments or timelines for each rule. It is solely dependent on a case by case basis due to the nature of some incidents. The Network trusts it's Moderators and Administrators to enforce rules in good faith and not issue unreasonable punishments.


Has another player clearly violated a rule you see here? We can take action.

For any report, evidence is required. This can be in the form of pictures or screenshots. All pieces of evidence must remain unaltered to as to create a fair report system.

We keep all reports confidential unless extergient circumstances take place.


Should you believe a punishment was made in error, without a solid foundation, or for some reason was false, feel free to appeal your punishment.

Appeals are sent directly to a Case Manager and handled typically within 24 hours. Please note the Case Manager (CM) is not the one who issued the punishment. The Staff member who punished you cannot review your appeal.

Unauth Access:

You are responsible for all actions of your account. If your account was used by someone else, you're responsible for all actions they took.

Further Action:

If anytime we believe you are in violation of the Discord Guidelines or are a threat to yourself or others, we may take additional action outside of the network. This is highly dependant upon the situation and is an administrators discretion.

  1. General Respect for the Network as well as Players / Groups

1(1).0 Respect all Users, Groups and Entities

NightSky Network promotes diversity within the Network and encourages an environment of respect.

  • Any form of disrespect against any user, group and/or entity is not allowed.

  • If both parties consent to the disrespect in writing, an exemption will be upheld until one party terminates the agreement.

  • Disrespect does not include constructive criticism and reports of constructive criticism will not be tolerated.

1(2).0 Protection Against Discrimination

NightSky Network promotes a Network free from discrimination.

  • Any form of discrimination, or comments relating to or regarding, race, age, gender, sexual orientation or otherwise will not be permitted to be conducted on, within or in partnership of or with the Network.

1(3).0 Protection Against False Information

NightSky Network promotes a Network free false information towards other users.

  • No user(s) shall knowingly or unknowingly engage in the spread of false information about another user / group / entity for any reason. The Network shall be regarded as a safe space against false claims and accusations.

  • False Information may be spread if it is in the sense of roleplay only and is not information relating to another entity outside of roleplay.

1(4).0 Protection Against Threats / Actual Harm Caused

NightSky Network promotes a Network free of fear and worry.

  • No user(s) shall knowingly or unknowingly engage in (or cooperate) in any threats directed towards another user which would cause reasonable fear or worry.

  • No user(s) shall cause actual harm against another user or themselves in any capacity; this may include sharing of one’s personal information (including their own). Personal shall be defined as anything which is not commonly available or anything the user hasn’t clearly made public.

1(5).0 Protection Against the use of Protected Work

NightSky Network promotes a fair use environment.

  • No user(s) shall knowingly or unknowingly utilize protected (by law) work which they do not possess the ownership of and/or written permission stating they are able to. Further, users must provide the written permission to

1(6).0 Prohibiting Excessive Inappropriate Language

NightSky Network promotes an area where freedom of speech is upheld, but in a way that respects all.

  • No user(s) shall use excessive foul language. Excessive shall be denied as any words considered reasonably “excessive”, or repeatedly or unnecessarily using inappropriate language.

  1. Appropriate Conduct of Users

2(1).0 Prohibiting of Inappropriate Content

NightSky Network promotes an area free of inappropriate content for all users.

  • No user(s) shall create any content (including builds), or distribute any content which is reasonably considered inappropriate.

3. Network Operations

3(1).0 Prohibiting Obstruction of Operations

NightSky Network promotes a smooth functioning area without delays or restrictions for our users.

  • No user(s), groups, entities or otherwise shall any time interfere with any operations of the Network. Obstruction shall be defined as any act which hinders the effectiveness of the operations of the Network in any way. This includes but is not limited to false documents (staff applications, reports, etc.), ddosing the Network, exploiting, griefing, redstone machines, etc.

  • No user(s) shall impede a staff member while they’re actively performing duties. No user(s) shall any time work against a member of staff by not adhering to their direct requests.

3(2).0 Prohibiting Spamming

NightSky Network is committed to creating an environment for users to share their thoughts.

  • No user(s) shall spam in any capacity. This includes but is not exclusive to character spam, spamming of command,

  • The only exceptions to this rule are features intended to be reasonably spammed i.e the on City, the use of sirens when responding to a call. This obviously is on a case by case basis.

3(3).0 Threats to User / Network Safety

NightSky Network is committed to protecting users and the Network.

  • No user(s) shall release any personal information of another user’s, staff, or the Network.

  • No user(s) shall distribute any files which contain malicious code of any nature.

  • No user(s) shall attempt phishing on our Network.

  • No user(s) shall impersonate any staff member, law enforcement or anyone.

    1. Exceptions to this obviously is on City for Law Enforcement (in roleplay)

3(4).0 Unfair Advantages

NightSky Network promotes an environment free from unfair advantages.

  • No user(s) shall have in his or her possession (including usage of), any “hacked client”, or otherwise unapproved modification. Further, no user(s) shall use any feature to gain an advantage over another user which was not specifically designed to do so.

3(5).0 Circumvention

NightSky Network prohibits rule/punishment circumvention for the safety of the Network & Users.

  • No user(s) shall at any time, knowingly or unknowingly attempt to circumvent any rule, guideline (regardless of the intent).

  • No user(s) shall attempt, or successfully bypass any of our punishment systems. This includes joining on an alt account after your main account was banned or using /msg while muted.

3(6).0 Advertising

NightSky Network prohibits the posting of any links or content unrelated to our network.

  • No user(s) shall post any links to any external source with the specific attempt to draw members of the community away from the community.

4. Roleplay Rules

4(1).0 Prohibiting Failure to Roleplay

NightSky Network promotes real genuine roleplay which benefits everyone.

  • No user(s) shall create unrealistic buildings. All buildings should be realistic and have the same looks as a real building. (i.e. bridges must have supports, buildings must be on the ground etc).

  • No user(s) shall engage in unrealistic role play of any kind. (i.e driving on the roof of a building). All roleplay should reflect things which would occur in real life.

  • No users shall commit a large crime without at least 2 police officers online. [City Only]

  • Any acts of war or active battle must have at least 50% of the opposition online to initiate.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Staff do have authorization to bypass some of the rules when performing their duties.